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Benefits of automatic shift management based on sales plan

Automated work schedule creation

A successful restaurant business requires careful management of a variety of factors, including budget, staff, customer satisfaction, and profitability. One of these factors that is often overlooked is shift management based on sales. This is where dimare™ comes in.

dimare™ is a powerful SaaS solution designed specifically for the food and beverage business, offering a variety of tools and features to help optimize operations and improve profitability. Its sales-based shift management system allows companies to analyze historical sales data and forecast future demand to create work schedules that align with busy and quiet periods of the day, week, and month.

Automatically manage flexible shifts based on skills, positions, and tasks

By utilizing dimare's sales-based shift management system, the restaurant industry can avoid overstaffing and understaffing, optimizing labor costs while providing superior service to customers. It can also reduce employee turnover, increase job satisfaction, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and lead to increased profitability and success.

dimare's automated shift management automatically creates optimal work schedules that take into account factors such as employee skill level, position in store management, and direct and indirect operations.

With support for managing employee shift requests via WhatsApp, Line, SMS, etc., and providing monthly and weekly shift management methods tailored to the needs of each food and beverage operator, Dimare's team provided guidance and support throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition to sales-based shift management. Automated shift management based on sales plan is a powerful tool for optimizing restaurant operations, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction, leading to increased profitability and mid- to long-term success for restaurant businesses.

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