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F&B Digital Transformation

dimare™ enables

informed decisions

Achieve Higher Sales

Plan your budget, monitor your sales and scrutinize the gap

Take action at every moment!

Cut Down Restaurant Management Cost

dimare™ co-pilots your restaurant management!

Track Your Profit Improvement

Achieve +2% increase in profit margin!

and more...

WhatsApp/LINE/SMS linkage

and Language Support

Receive requests of staff schedule via WhatsApp/LINE/SMS to manage the shift schedule even more smoothly. dimare™ is available in multiple languages for employees in and from different countries.

Task/Operation and Incident Control

Manage your routine tasks efforlessly to keep your stores at the highest standard.

dimare™ handles all the incident reports and even instruct timings in your kitchen to ensure optimal operation.

Cross Border Ready Universal Design

POS and mobile order systems of different brands, countries, currencies can be easily connected.
dimare™ lets you see the information instantly on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Get started


Future-proof features

to change your restaurant management today

Lost Sales/Profit Simulation

Co-pilot your relentless bottom line improvement by pointing you to other options

Impact Analysis by labor schedule adjustment to identify “Lost Sales” and “Lost Profit” separately and collectively

Generative AI Advice

Identify hidden gems to take your restaurant management to the next level by our private LLM Generative AI

Learn from the enterprise restaurant chain best practice to better manage your business

Blockchain Fintech

Permissioned Private Block Chain for F&B specifc Audit and Scoring to facilitte your funding and acquisition

Identify the frequency and nature of unusual data update operations among your stores and franchises

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