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Sales targets and FL management

to boost your sales and profit today by Instantly identifying missed sales due to lack of FL resources, staff skill level issues, poor operation management, insufficient campaign preparation, etc.

Sales-based Automatic Shift Scheduling

to  enable accurate shift management based on sales forecasts, tasks, positions, staff skill levels and availability, with flexible parameter settings to create work schedule to suit your specific needs.

Unified Management Model

to share accurate information in real time from store managers to CEO at all levels of management, and make timely decisions to immediately implement necessary measures for all stores across different regions, brands and countries.

F&B Problem Solver

dimare™ is a F&B Digital Transformation Platform supporting decisions for the restaurant business, providing the tools needed to solve issues specific to the F&B business.


By sharing information in the same format with all employees, from management to store staff, we dramatically improve the decision-making speed of your company.


Centralized management of information to achieve sales and FL cost targets, as well as shift management functions based on sales, will contribute to improved efficiency in store operations.


Since it is easy to link with any system,

dimare™ makes it possible to easily manage multi-brand operations. 

In addition, all tools are multilingual and multi-device compatible, which is useful for utilizing diversified human resources and expanding overseas.


The necessary information can be obtained instantly without any restrictions on language, time, location, or devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, so you will never miss the right moment to make a decision.

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F&B Decision Control

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