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F&B Problem Solver

dimare is designed to solve the unique challenges of the restaurant industry and to provide you with the tools you need to keep your restaurant running smooth and profitably.

dimare is built by an international team to support F&B businesses expand in local and global markets, make important decisions every day and every moment on your PC, tablet, or mobile.

Any Platform, Any Time

Access from any device, PC or mobile, track sales, schedule staff and manage multiple locations from one central dashboard. Make informed decisions and streamline operations, all while on the go.

Multi-brand and Cross-border

Do you need to manage multi-brand or cross-border F&B businesses? Different currencies and languages as well? You don’t need different systems for them anymore with Dimare and its integrated overview to unlock your limitless growth!

Improve sales targets

Is your team meeting the sales targets? dimare gives you and your team improved visibility into your restaurant’s operations, allowing you to make well-informed decisions in order to maximize your profits!

Sales-based Schedulling

Do you feel you never have the right staff at the right time, or do you waste money scheduling staff when not needed? dimare will help you establish the best practice to earn and save money at the same time by utilizing sales-based scheduling!

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dimare is the latest arrival in F&B technologies, equipped with multi-language, multi-platform, and SaaS micro-applications for your daily F&B business operations and management.

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